The Chiron barrier cream is honestly the best product I have ever used. A very small amount rubbed over the backs of my dry cracked (overworked!!!) hands and I had instant results. I now use it twice a week and my hands are smooth and soft – just like a baby’s bottom! Only a small amount is needed. I cannot recommend it enough.

Jane – Premium Nappies


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Sometimes the combination of deodorant, shaving and sweat gives my sensitive underarms a rash.  I put the Chiron cream on Friday night, and not only did it help, but since then I’ve been using it (and no deodorant) and I’ve had no body odour.  I’m pretty amazed by this.  I’m wearing it now, I haven’t worn deodorant since Friday, and I don’t smell.  I even exercised on Saturday, and of course I did sweat but had no body odour!

There must be something magic in that cream!

– Jacqueline P.



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I found the Chiron baby cream at last year’s Baby and Toddler Show in Melbourne, and I was so impressed by its effectiveness – couldn’t wait for this show to buy more.

I use the product for all sorts of ailments and it works wonderfully. Can’t recommend it enough!

Carol Anderson


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I tried the this product on my newborn baby with nappy rash. The rash was welts. I used the Chiron baby cream. It cleared up within hours. I swear by this product.

Kelsey Robinson


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I would like to congratulate Dr Natalie A for creating this excellent natural organic product, the Chiron Products.

My family and I absolutely love the Chiron Baby Cream and Powder, I use it religiously on my children to prevent nappy rash and chafing.

I still use this product on my son age six, it works wonders.

The Baby’s Cream is incredibly moisturizing on my hands, it has the most beautiful therapeutic fragrance.  I just love it!

I am delighted to recommend this fantastic product to my family and friends.

May your future efforts and success be rewarded, I look forward to more wonderful products in your exciting range.



Sophie – Waverley Gardens


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I love the “Your Baby’s Cream”.

It smells lovely and goes on smoothly with no clumps. Am loving how it protects the skin.

I now have one happy bubba. Thanks!!

Michelle Kiss


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