When our baby skincare range (our first products) was being developed, our initial consideration was to heal the skin with botanicals that were hand-harvested and pesticide-free. This process was one of discovery. Being a scientist, I did many experiments on many people over a very long period of time. I wanted everything to be “just right” and for effective results on skin that had truly healed. The process of discovery had started way before then, with my mother’s love of herbs and their healing power were instilled in me through her.

My love of herbs and plants of the Mediterranean has been long-standing and dictates the contents of our products. Being a nature lover, I wanted to be able to use all parts of the plant in some form or another in our products. Being a scientist, I wanted to create products that had real innovation behind them. Our customers share and can appreciate these ideals and as time has passed, attitudes towards protecting our environment have taken on an increased fervour.

We are constantly looking for ways to change our packaging, so that there is less of it or is in a form that can be reused or recycled. As such, we are happy to accept your refill laundry bags or fill up your own containers at our farmers markets. We now sell our liquid cleansers and laundry powder in bulk amounts to reduce packaging. Our products are packaged in recycleable materials and can be disposed of at any redcycle depot.

We look forward to creating more eco-innovative products to help your health and thank you for your commitment to help the health of our planet.

Natalie has a PhD in Reproductive Science and is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist. She is a co-founder of Chiron Organic Health which aims to restore optimum health through unique products.

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