… literally means “hand” and pays tribute to the Ancient Greek centaur, Chiron, who was a great healer and teacher to many heroes such as Asclepius, Achilles, Jason and Hercules.

When the immortal Chiron was accidentally shot with a poison arrow from Hercules, he was in agony but could not die. Chiron exchanged his life for that of Prometheus whom Zeus had imprisoned for giving the gift of fire to man.

Chiron embodied the spirit of compassion and selfless service that is imperative in medicine and healing.

So powerful has been his influence that today many words have their roots in his name:

  • Chiral means the polarization of light from one hand to another
  • Chiromancy is reading of the hand or palmistry
  • Chiropractic is healing of joints and bones by manipulation, and
  • Chirurgery is an ancient word which later became surgery