Eco Dish Soap

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ECO DISH SOAP with bamboo brush


Are you wanting to go completely plastic free when it comes to cleaning products? Well, we do too!

This huge block (over 700 grams) is just the ticket when it comes to completely natural and biodegradable cleaning products.

It cuts through all grease and stuck- on food.

Use it for your dishes, bench tops, stovetops and anything else that needs some elbow grease.

It is also great for general cleaning in the home and will leave everything sparkling clean!

All ingredients are vegan and there is no palm oil or sulphates.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Wet your sponge or brush, lightly brush on block- and go!

Keep your block well drained and do not immerse in water.

INGREDIENTS (*certified organic): extra virgin olive fruit* (Olea europaea) oil (saponified), sodium carbonate (washing soda), glycerine* (glycerin), lemon essential oil*

3 reviews for Eco Dish Soap

  1. Cat Lam Ching Li (verified owner)

    It’s my first time use this dish soup and it is amazing. All the dishes, grass, stove top…. perfect for cleaning everything in the kitchen

  2. Nadia (verified owner)

    The best product ever! Works amazing well and lasts for months.

  3. Cat Lam Ching (verified owner)

    Amazing soap

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