Olive Oil And Cactus Gel Laundry Powder (multi-pack)

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3 tubs of 1 kg in a reusable plastic bucket

3-in-1: Presoaker- Laundry powder- Fabric Softener

♥ olive oil soap draws out the grease and grime from fabric

♥ cactus acts as a fabric softener

♥ cactus gel is able to clean and filter the water

♥ gentle on the most sensitive skin

♥ great for the environment

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Chiron laundry powder is made using pure castile (extra virgin olive oil) soap and the gel from the cactus pad made according to traditional soap making techniques.

It is made on-site, in small batches for quality control, using unique raw ingredients from our certified organic farm.

Its effectiveness at cleaning clothes, not irritating the skin and ability to clean your washing water makes this a laundry product like no other.


Opuntia cactus gel*: has documented skin healing properties so will benefit those with sensitive skin that can’t take any chemical abrasives.

Extra virgin olive oil (saponified)*: is similar to the skins natural pH, protecting skin against environmental damage and relieving psoriasis and eczema.

Sodium carbonate (washing soda): softens the water, allows a shorter wash time and helps preserve the life of your washing machine.

Wood ash*: comes from burning the olive branches after harvest season. Very effective at removing chemicals and grime and acts as a natural brightener.

Olive leaf*: an antimicrobial and antioxidant.

Lemon essential oil*: to add that extra bit of disinfection and to rejuvenate your mood.

* certified organic ingredients


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