There are times in our lives when a new connection to something in this world is so magical that our senses come alive all at once. To see, feel, smell and touch something as simple as a herb can evoke a joyous inspiration, sparking thoughts of innovation and an urgency to learn more. No plant has had as profound an effect on me as St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum). I’ve always known that it had to be special- even as a child the adults around me would speak of it with such reverence. However, it was only many years later that I was to witness this herb in all its glory and how its red colour could heal, almost instantly.

Gathering armfuls of big bright yellow flowering tops makes it impossible to bring one anything but happiness. Indeed, boiling these flowers helps as a mood enhancer and an anti-depressant. Even the name, Hypericum comes from the Greek words meaning above (hyper) and  a figure, an image or an apparition (eikon). It was credited for keeping evil spirits away and so was hung above doors on the eve of St John’s Day. Could it help to dispel all that is negative in our thoughts and in turn also in our lives? So many have benefitted from it’s gentle and gradual changes to a more positive state. Observing those tiny green leaves, when held up to the light, are full of little holes giving it the second part of its name, perforatum. Laying it out or hanging it to dry and seeing those flowers turn into an orange-brown colour lets you know that they are now ready to be made into a tea- one that has a mild, slightly woody taste. There is always ample stock of this tea with us. Countless people have relayed to me how much this herb has enhanced their daily life. Every time I gather this herb and then lay it out to dry, I think of these people. This brings me nothing but happiness.

St. John’s Wort most significant power however lies in the oil. Crush the flowers between your fingers and they leave a red stain, a pigment called hypericin, capable of speeding up wound healing and improving tissue regeneration. Infusing the flowers in olive oil and leaving in the sun eventually releases a blood red colour. It has a slightly viscous texture and a heady relaxing scent. The Ancient Spartans called it “spatholado” or “sword oil” as this oil would heal their wounds after battle.

The reputation of this herb is well deserved. Seeing how this oil heals time and again, in so many situations makes it a real “go-to”. This is really a “first aid oil” and no medicine cabinet should be without it. Why? It is a fast wound-healer, can be used on burns, bites, sores, bruises and haemorrhoids. It helps to relieve the pain of shingles, neuralgia and may decrease the severity of cold sores. It works well for problem skin that has difficulty healing such as bed sores, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

The body has an amazing healing capacity and St John’s Wort oil is the helper that allows it to happen that much more efficiently and effectively. For years I had seen my father constantly scratch the base of his thumb and his shin. He was a jeweller that spent a lot of time in terrible chemicals (think arsenic and sulphuric acid) and no amount of cortisone was clearing it up. Incorporating this oil into a cream, the first thing that happened was the itch stopped. Soon after, the redness and flaking skin started to subside until eventually it was all gone. My father still was a jeweller but he didn’t suffer any more. This amazing transformation was one of many I was to witness along the way.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step–and that is exactly how it has been. The Intensive Skin Repair Cream was the prototype and it has proven to have 100 + 1 uses. After acquiring the farm, another version of this cream was created to still be as super effective with the addition of some other herbs to target thin sensitive baby’s skin -and so Your Baby’s Cream was developed. Both of these creams can be credited for helping to safely and quickly nourish and repair skin by using the St. John’s Wort. All the raw ingredients including the olive oil and herbs used in these products are harvested from our certified organic farm and scientifically formulated to therapeutic amounts.

Natalie has a PhD in Reproductive Science and is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist. She is a co-founder of Chiron Organic Health which aims to restore optimum health through unique products.

One Thought on ““The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu”

  • I would like to thank you for your intensive skin repair cream. I had severe pain in my lower back and buttock and back of my thigh. I tried anti inflammatory gel but it had minimal effect and I was in intense pain perhaps like sciatic nerve pain. I remembered that I had your cream which you told me was good for everything so I tried rubbing it in and bit by bit my pain started to subside perhaps it was the st johns wort oil. Is there anything else you can suggest for this type of pain especially painful when I stand up and use these particular muscles. I also had a skin reaction when cutting up some tree branches and the cream helped the itching. Are you at the Coburg farmers market Saturday?

    Thanks again


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